CONQUEST IQ ™ is an  interactive matrix board game with new strategic moves. The game consists of 32 pieces. Each player  has an  Emperor, Empress, Palace Guards, Catapults, Bowmen and Foot Soldiers. CONQUEST IQ has designated areas for a River, Battlefield and Palaces. The objective is to capture the opponent’s Emperor through strategic positioning. 


 Illustration & Animation

Interactive Multi-Player Console        

Intelligible (UI) & (UX)    

Strong Play Patterns

Live Challenge

Overall Design


 CONQUEST IQ is a gaming ecosystem that engages students, families and educators. It encompasses the learning objectives required for life readiness. The benefits include creative/strategic thinking, problem solving, abstract reasoning and calmness under pressure.

Conquest IQ is designed to divert traditional matrix board playing. The mission is to entice novice, skilled and non-players. In terms of originality, CONQUEST IQ maximizes the product concept with design and play patterns. Visuals of CONQUEST IQ reflects its natural components and is more attractive than traditional matrix board games.


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